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Who County Conservation Boards are...

County Conservation Boards are local natural resource management and outdoor recreation agencies whose responsibilities are the following: to acquire, develop, maintain and make available public museums, parks, preserves, parkways, playgrounds, recreation centers, forests, wildlife and other conservation areas, to encourage the orderly development and conservation of natural resources and to provide adequate programs of public recreation. Conservation boards also help educate local residents about the natural world in which we live, and administer roadside vegetation management programs. County conservation boards have been created in all of Iowa's 99 counties and are governed by Chapter 350 of the Code of Iowa. (IACCB)

The Cherokee County Conservation Board was established in 1959 to acquire, develop and maintain a system of county parks and conservation areas for the community. Since that time, a healthy system of public river access areas, wildlife habitat areas and campgrounds has grown and changed under various leaders and with varying degrees of public involvement.  After the citizens of Cherokee County voted and passed the creation of Cherokee County Conservation Board in 1959, the County Board of Supervisors appointed Melvin Dorr, Dr. D. C. Koser, Ave Leonard, Rovert Rawson, and Rex Whitney to serve as the first Cherokee County Conservation Board. On January 7,1959 Rex Whitney was elected Board President, who in 1964 said of the Conservation Board, "The duties of the County Conservation Board are many and varied; but the general theme of the overall program is the preservation of as many natural areas of beauty and resources as possible; so that we, as well as generation to follow, will be able to see and enjoy the many wonders and creations of nature."
What We Do

This list is a sample of services provided by our staff.

  • Development of facilities and services for outdoor recreation in Cherokee County Parks
  • Maintenance of campgrounds, picnic areas, park buildings and roads
  • Coordination of community projects such as trails, boat ramps, and outdoor classrooms
  • Maintenance and improvement of natural habitat within county parks
  • Providing technical assistance to private landowners with habitat improvement questions
  • Classroom and public environmental education programs
  • Addressing wildlife questions and issues
  • Rescue and assessment of orphaned and injured wildlife
  • Identification of plants and wildlife in Cherokee County

629 River Road 
Cherokee, IA 51012

Office Hours: Monday-Friday

8:00 A.M-4:30 P.M.
PHONE: (712) 225-6709

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