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Bird Watching


birds blind

Bird watching in Cherokee County can be a great family friendly activity.

The parks of Cherokee County host many different habitat types that attract many different species of songbirds, waterfowl, hawks, and prairie species while providing many opportunities to view a wide variety of birds throughout the year.

Silver Sioux Recreation Area has an enclosed bird blind that has a view of shrubs with multiple bird feeders that attract many birds year-round.


Iowa Threatened & Endangered Species Status
Least tern Federally Threatened
Piping plover Federally Endangered
Red-shouldered Hawk State Endangered
Northern Harrier State Endangered
Common Barn Owl State Endangered
King Rail State Endangered
Short-eared Owl State Endangered
Henslow’s Sparrow State Threatened
Long-eared Owl State Threatened
Forster's Tern State Special Concern
Black Tern State Special Concern
Peregrine Falcon State Special Concern
Bald Eagle State Special Concern


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