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Use your GPS unit to go on a treasure hunt inside the Cherokee County Conservation areas!

Geocaching is a high-tech way to have old-fashioned, outdoor fun with friends and family! Currently there are about 50 geocaches on county property, with at least one on each property.

To start geocaching, participants need to visit to create a profile and search for geocache coordinates within the area they want to explore. Coordinates need to be entered into a GPS unit and participants can seek caches from there.

Caches can be in a variety of forms, including film canisters, ammo cans, and other sealed containers. They may contain maps, key chains, fishing tackle, stickers, rain ponchos, stickers and many other trinkets. Once you find a geocache, take something from it, contribute something to it, and log it within the provided notebook and online.

To learn more about it, check out or visit the Iowa Geocachers Organization.

No special permission is required for people searching for caches!

A free permit is required to hide a cache in the Cherokee County parks. Existing cache owners are encouraged to follow the guidelines in the permit. New caches are required to submit a permit so that CCCB staff can approve the location of the cache, for the health and safety of park visitors and sensitive ecological areas.

Click here to View/Download Geocache Permit (pdf)

Have fun, be safe and remember to "Cache In, Trash Out" to help keep our parks looking great!

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